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  • MediaEval 2011 Workshop: Genre Tagging Task[Download]
  • Machine Classification of Melanoma and Nevi from Skin Lesions (John Osborne and Song Gao)[Download]
  • Ontology Driven Content Based Image Retrieval (John Osborn) [Download]
  • An Introduction and collective work on – Phylogeny tree evaluation approaches, Proteomics and Coexpression analysis of bZIP protein in Arabidopsis plant (Richa Tiwari) [Download]
  • An Automated Segmentation Method for Microarray Image Analysis (Wei-Bang Chen) [Download]
  • Literature Review on Microarray Data Mining (Xin Anders) [Download]
  • Integration of Biological Sources: Current Systems and Challenges Ahead (Xin Anders) [Download]
  • Biological Sequence Clustering (Wei-bang Chen, 2005/08/26) [Download]
  • Clustering Data Streams (Chun Wei, 2005/09/02) [Download]
  • A System for Outlier Detection and Cluster Repair (Ying Liu, 2005/10/21) [Download]
  • Introduction to Conditional Random Fields (John Osborne, 2009/09/04) [Download]
  • Tree detection from aerial imagery (Lin Yang, 2009/09/25) [Slide Download] [Paper Download]

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